Beni ourain
Beni Ourain The Beni Ourain Berber rug is unique!

The Beni Ourain rug is the most prestigious Berber rug in Morocco, it is hand woven from high quality silky wool...

Catalog of Beni Ourain rugs
Azilal rugs
Berber rugs Azilal Testify to great creativity

Berber rugs from Azilal testify to a great creativity in terms of designs, They combine irregular and abstract patterns, many Berber symbols and Moroccan graphics often based on diamonds....

Catalog of Azilal rugs
Modern rugs
Modern rugs from Morocco Symbols of Berber art and creativity

Modern Berber rugs provide the charm, luxury and simplicity that harmoniously match in this type of contemporary carpet from Morocco, thus becoming a real benchmark in interior design and decoration....

Catalog of Modern rugs
Boucherouite rugs
Boucherouite rugs Specificity of the Berber tribes of Morocco

rural women weave boucharouette rugs from torn fabrics from recycled textiles. A thousand rags or pieces of cotton threads participate in the manufacture of fabulous decorations...

Catalog of Boucharouette Rugs
Mauritanian mats
Mauritanian mats Palm fibers and leather straps

Berber rugs hand-woven or handmade by women in Mauritania made from palm fibers and leather straps, unique rugs used by the Tuaregs during long caravan journeys...

Catalog of Mauritanian mats
Moroccan Handicrafts
Moroccan Handicrafts Know-how and creativity, noble colors and materials

Complete range of Moroccan crafts, blankets and throws, bedspreads, bedspreads, sofa throws, cushions and ottomans (textiles and leather) where we can once again showcase the know-how of Moroccan artisan weaving...

Moroccan Crafts Catalog

Berber rugs

Are you looking for a Moroccan living room rug or a style of Berber rug that you have seen in magazines? Why buy a copy when you can afford an authentic Berber rug hand-knotted or handmade in Morocco at a reasonable price?
Browse the categories below for the Berber rugs of your choice and appreciate the authenticity of Moroccan crafts.

Our catalog of each category updated daily is categorized by ascending length size.
Use the different filters to get a more accurate selection according to your search.

Berber rugs, the story begins in Morocco

We invite you to travel through these videos and discover the world of Moroccan Berber rugs

Moroccan Rugs

The three categories of berber rugs the most famous of Moroccan rugs are the Beni Ourain in high wool, the Boucharouette in recycled fabrics and the berber carpets from Azilal in wool and cotton. We will describe in detail the 3 categories of Moroccan Berber carpets that are mainly found on the international market.

Azilal rugs
Azilal rugs... absolutely unique!

Azilal berber rugs

Berber rugs from Azilal are made by alternating patterns composed of a knotted line and one or two lines of raw virgin wool...

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Beni ourain rugs from Morocco
Each Beni Ourain is unique!

Beni ourain rugs

Beni Ourain rugs are the most prestigious berber rugs in Morocco, hand-woven or handmade from high quality silky wool...

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Boucherouite berber rugs
A specificity of the Berber tribes

Boucherouite rugs

Berber women weave boucharouette or boucharouite from torn fabrics from recycled textiles. A thousand rags or pieces of thread...

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Berber rugs collector
Who are we?

Moroccan rugs collector

For 20 years, I have developed my expertise by directly sourcing Berber rugs by traveling up and down Morocco...

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